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How to use an input parameter inside an event? - VB

hello, my problem is that I have an event to draw on the canvas, something like this Private Sub PaintHandler(ByVal sender As Grasshopper.…

Started by Daniel González Abalde

5 16 minutes ago
Reply by Daniel González Abalde

How to force CreateAttributes() to run after SolveInstance()?

in many cases  I need obtain the component's Attributes from DA.Getdata() or calculate from that. but as I notice , CreateAttributes() runs…

Started by Amin Bahrami

3 29 minutes ago
Reply by David Rutten

Smoothing groups in Rhino meshes

I'm new in Rhino and just trying to figure out the basic philosophy of how things are actually put together.  Today's lesson: meshes. In M…

Started by Darrell Plank

2 4 hours ago
Reply by Darrell Plank

C# Mesh.Vertices.CombineIdentical after Mesh.Append results Invalid Mesh

I am having an unexpected issue with combine identical returning to me an invalid mesh for a simple case yet weld works fine. Can anyone sh…

Started by Michael Pryor

5 9 hours ago
Reply by Michael Pryor

How to make a VB script step through a for loop based on a time delay?

Any suggestions? I need to slow down iterating for visual effect. thx! 

Started by Anton Bakker

15 12 hours ago
Reply by Anton Bakker

Python List to Branch solver

Goodmorning guys, I'm looking for a way to solve lists in python without using gh Tree System. I've tryed a way, but i'd like to embed it…

Started by Eduardo

6 yesterday
Reply by Anders Holden Deleuran

VB - How to access to the properties of a modified windows.form?

Hi, I created a window that the user will modify the size and position, and I don't know how to access to this window after show it. That i…

Started by Daniel González Abalde

3 yesterday
Reply by Daniel González Abalde

Could not convert 1.0 to a Vector3d

Hi I´m beginner in Pythonscript and I don´t know how to solve this problem can anybody help me ???? Thanks 

Started by ondrejondrej

3 on Wednesday
Reply by ondrejondrej

Python Runtime error (TypeErrorException): 'generator' object is unsubscriptable

  Hi everyone I am trying to create a component which takes a list of lists, the lists being MEAN_COLUMN (mean) and self.SD_COLUMN (standar…

Started by Anton Szilasi

6 on Wednesday
Reply by djordje

Get value from Grasshopper to Python

Hi! I know it possible to set a slider in Grasshopper from a Python script (see below, gh.SetSliderValue(" ")), but is it possible to get…

Started by Stijn Kaiser

3 on Tuesday
Reply by djordje



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