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linear optimization solver

Hi, I am working on a customized formfinding component, using I will have to deal with matrix operations (linear algebra), and line…

Started by Guillaume Niel

12 on Wednesday
Reply by Daniel Fink

Data Saver automatisation

Dear all, most likly David since this ins totaly undocumented in SDK I am trying to add some custom data saver automatisation. and using t…

Started by Richard Schaffranek

6 on Wednesday
Reply by David Rutten

GUID within python script

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to get a GUID of a geometry (a point in this case) within the script itself - I know I can get the GU…

Started by Timothy Tai

6 on Tuesday
Reply by Timothy Tai

Python If/Else

Hello,I've a little problem, I'm new in PythonI'm using Human UI, and I want a pulldown list to choose from variables like A , B , C and I'…

Started by Petrik Kollár

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Andrew Heumann

ProjectToBrep method in ghPython / C#

Hi all,I got stuck in simply calling the method ProjectToBrep within ghPython.It asks for an IEnumerable and not a list. There are a couple…

Started by Paul Poinet

2 on Monday
Reply by Paul Poinet

Baking To Diiferent Layers& Export To .DWG

I Need Help :| I have a geometry ( Curves, Lines, Polylines, 3D Text , aligned dimensions ), and need to automatically Bake to different La…

Started by Romany

8 Jul 23
Reply by Pieter Lesage

Levenshtein distance with trie trees and DAWG

Hello could some one help me implement this code: into grasshopper python component? T…

Started by Jonas Blazinskas

1 Jul 22
Reply by Jonas Blazinskas

Points inside BREP

I have a C# assembly that uses the MyBrep.IsPointInside method to check inclusion of points. For large amounts of points, it begins to fail…

Started by Aidan K

5 Jul 22
Reply by Oliver Hampel

GH_ExpressionParser using '>=', '<=', '<>'.

A = New Grasshopper.Kernel.Expressions.GH_ExpressionParser(True).Evaluate("4<=3")._Bool error: Invalid expression: Unexpected symbol enc…

Started by Daniel González Abalde

3 Jul 21
Reply by Daniel González Abalde

Input two curves get 'python.runtime.list' as output

Hello,  I constantly get this result where I get an output of python.runtime.list.  In this case, I am inputting two curves and I wish to…

Started by Erik Sven Broberg

2 Jul 21
Reply by Erik Sven Broberg



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