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C# Cast from GeometryBase to Rhino.DocObjects

I believe my problem is the Cast Type I need to use.  What I am trying to do is Bring in a list of objects from Rhino using another C# comp…

Started by Ryan Grande

6 1 hour ago
Reply by Ryan Grande

Python-Finding Shortest Curve Lengths in a Set of Polylines

(image/file included) Hi, I'm looking for some help solving a problem that's been causing me headaches. I have a set of closed polyline cur…

Started by Andrew M

0 7 hours ago

Writing a 3dm File using Visual Studio C#

Hi all, For an experiment I'm trying to write a console application that writes a .3dm file that contains a single surface. I've installed…

Started by Henry Jarvis

3 yesterday
Reply by Henry Jarvis

Python Script runs correctly, but shows no result

Hi, I'm trying to write a Gh Python script to be able to do an offset to a trimmed surface as a solid. I don't have any experience with Gh…

Started by Fernando Maytorena

4 yesterday
Reply by Fernando Maytorena

Adjacency matrix to a weighted directed graph

Hi guys, I'm trying to convert a given adjacency matrix to a visualised weighted directed graph in rhino and feel a little out of my depth.…

Started by Tiara Jacinta

23 yesterday
Reply by peter fotiadis

Cannot Debug C# Grasshopper Assembly Component In Visual Studio

I've been working on my second component in Grasshopper and have a couple of questions regarding debugging. I am running Rhino Version 5 SR…

Started by Nathaniel Musial

0 yesterday

Extrude Geometry Based on List Values

Hi, I've managed to put together a simple script for offsetting, surfacing and extruding a set of curves (only a month into python so it's…

Started by Andrew M

2 yesterday
Reply by Andrew M

Properly override GH_ActiveObject.RegisterRemoteIDs method

Hi Everyone, I have made a custom GH_PersistentGeometryParam called TextEntityParam which contains a TextEntity. This param can be assigne…

Started by Anton Szilasi

2 yesterday
Reply by Anton Szilasi

Getting Component "input" sources.

I'm trying to replicate the "ctrl+shift+left arrow" behaviour inside a scripting component (c#): would like to get all the components that…

Started by Dimitrie Stefanescu

9 on Tuesday
Reply by David Rutten

Problems with XML:NS Ironpython + ElementTree 1.3

Hi, I've been trying to get my head around XML and Python in Grasshopper. How are you managing XML in grasshoppers python plugin? After som…

Started by Peter Fajers

0 on Monday



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