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We are working to combine the discussions about Rhino/Grasshopper and our development tools into one platform.  This forum will be closed…

Started by Scott DavidsonLatest Reply

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multi flatten with or without pathmapper

Hi Trying to get GH data-trees to automatically flatten all data except their lowermost branches off course this is possible with path-mapp…

Started by Guy Austern

3 53 minutes ago
Reply by Guy Austern

DWG,DXF or 3DM to PLT and HPGL

Has anyone coded an export script for PLT or HPGL in Grasshopper? I am looking to send 2d lines from Rhino layers to a cutter, which uses…

Started by Jonathan Sheridan

17 22 hours ago
Reply by David Kay

Default input menu for custom component

Hi all,  I am pretty sure there is a simple answer to this question, but I can't seem to find it in any of the posts.  I am making a few c…

Started by Dion Jansen

8 yesterday
Reply by David Rutten

Clusters as Component

Hi!, I'm looking for a little tutorial on how to create a new component out of a simple cluster or a simple C# definition. Just to start ma…

Started by Natalia De Leon

6 on Thursday
Reply by Natalia De Leon

C# How to refer input parameters between //custom additional code//

Hello everyone, I'd like to refer DataTree<double> parameter that connected left side of GH Component. Usually, I succeeded in priv…

Started by Shimpei Kojima

3 on Thursday
Reply by Xavier AM

C# component speed

Hello everyone, Now, I'm scripting Structural Analysis Component in GH by C#. It goes well in small model(beam and column x 8) but in lar…

Started by Shimpei Kojima

10 on Wednesday
Reply by Shimpei Kojima

Batch convert GH -> GHX files

Attached a C# component which will read all *.gh files from one folder and write them as *.ghx files to another folder. Written for some pr…

Started by David Rutten

2 on Tuesday
Reply by Kane Borg

convert a guid(str) into point3d

I can´t find any solution for a probably simple Task! I add a Point with python in the rhino doc. Then i get ist guid. after that i want t…

Started by Franz

2 on Monday
Reply by Franz

Subsurface in c#

Hi all, I am a beginner of c# and what I am trying to do is to subdivide a surface into an equal size. However, I found some issues: I tho…

Started by ZAQI FATHIS

3 Nov 12

Display dimension with C#

I know how to bake dimensions like this LinearDimension dim = new LinearDimension(...); doc.Objects.AddLinearDimension(dim); But is there…

Started by Adrián Juárez Monroy

1 Nov 12
Reply by David Rutten



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