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ShorterWalk how to reference ShortestWalk in python?

I have problems in calling ShortestWalk with ghpythonlib.components, what am I doing wrong? # how do I reference ShortestWal…

Started by Kristoffer Negendahl

11 8 hours ago
Reply by Anders Holden Deleuran

Accessing the Sun Class

Hi All, I've been messing around with the Sun class in the Render Namespace in a VB component, and I've come to realize that I first have…

Started by Charles Portelli

1 22 hours ago
Reply by Vicente Soler

flag intersection between two solids

Hi all, it might sound a really silly problem but I couldn't manage to solve it so far: I am writing in python a function that given two b…

Started by Vincenzo Reale

2 yesterday
Reply by Vincenzo Reale


Hi All!  I ran into a problem which I cannot seem to solve! So this goes out to all the coders out there: Is there a way to make a ghpyth…

Started by Guido Maciocci

7 yesterday
Reply by djordje

Remove knot from NURBS curve or Surface, like command "RemoveKnot" or "RemoveMultiKnot"

I am doing geometry modification of a wind turbine, it has too many control points in the loft surfaces. If I use rebuild, it will directly…


1 yesterday
Reply by Stephen Maher

GH_IO.dll location for 0.9.0076

Hello, I have a fresh install (rhino included) and can't seem to locate GH_IO.dll -- I'm not sure if it's my fresh install or if the file…

Started by Tree

1 yesterday
Reply by Andrew Heumann

Tree structure in Python . . .

Is it possible to get a "tree structure in python explanation for dummies/noobs" .. I like to get an arbitrary tree structure converted to…

Started by Thomas Perkov

4 on Sunday
Reply by Thomas Perkov

Grasshopper Python component. Work with list inside Python component

I am beginner user in scripting. Please help me. I am working with Phyton component inside Grasshopper and now have a problem with lists. P…

Started by Valentin

2 on Sunday
Reply by Valentin

import utility

Dear All, Somehow I am unable to import the utility module import utility Runtime error (ImportException): No module named utility without…

Started by Dimitry A. Demin

4 on Saturday
Reply by Dimitry A. Demin

Controling curves using table data from external file for X, Y and Z delta deformation

Hello all.. Now I am trying to investigate how to coop Rhino parametric Hull script from Holland:

Started by Svetlozar Dimitrov Neykov

0 on Saturday



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