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magic honeycombs

Finally I could use Grasshopper for a real project. It´s a compact computer, that sit´s on the desk and by that requires a higher level of detailing, sophistication and human approachability, than the ones, that are hidden somewhere underneath. Over years the honeycomb structure has become a signature element of Fujitsu, since it has the best ratio of material use, stiffness and surface opening. On this product ventilation isn´t that much required, so we closed the honeycombs with a subtile…


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03_voronoi exercise

Hi everyone, 

I appreciate the interest in this post. It´s been a while and actually it was just a first practice of Grasshopper. Even though I found the definition and could post it here. 03_voronoi exercise

Still, the Voronoi algorithms are super interesting as they appear in so many places in nature aswell. As an example the wing of a dragonfly. Interesting…


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08_wrinkled fabric surfaces


in this post I´d like to share one of my latest studies on parametric design.

To me those ordered-random structures appear vivid and animated. They can be associated to frozen movements like silk in the wind or water or many other things or events and by that reflect the beholder´s personal horizont of experiences. It stimulates your synapses, it invites you to explore, feel, touch, weight, turn.

Without being too poetic a structured surface, depending on how it´s…


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Hi there,

here I share the definition for that honeycomb structure. I did clean up the file, using some groups and notes, to make it easy to understand.



have fun

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That magic romanesco

Hi all,


sure, we all know the romanesco.

But with the eys with a bit of a grasshopper background I was blown away by it´s high regularity of those spirals of little dimples. After a short research, it turned out to be an order in fibonacci spirals. Isn´t that awesome? It makes my skills here feel really small. Also I imagine that mankind has…


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01 THE BEGINNING - making of

Hi Grasshoppers,


so here I offer the little code I did apply to one of the facettes of my model. Two approaches of a curve attractor idea are in there. Especially in the second the credits go to ZUBIN KHABAZI and his documentation "Gernative Algorithms using Grasshopper".

110127_attractor curve…


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01 the beginning

Hi Grasshoppers!


This little project I share here is in a way the beginning of my sharing and blogging activity on grasshopper. My goal is to do a series of studies to explore and research patterns and surface build ups that can be applied to industrial products later on. This is the first, more sculptural approach. 


So, looking at this piece of art, it won´t be extraordinary and super surprising to you; The coding behind the hole pattern is a…


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