algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Finally I could use Grasshopper for a real project. It´s a compact computer, that sit´s on the desk and by that requires a higher level of detailing, sophistication and human approachability, than the ones, that are hidden somewhere underneath. Over years the honeycomb structure has become a signature element of Fujitsu, since it has the best ratio of material use, stiffness and surface opening. On this product ventilation isn´t that much required, so we closed the honeycombs with a subtile structure. It´s so subtile (0 to 0.25mm in height) that you feel appealed to touch it to really understand the 3dimensionality. To show off the power the grid is deformed by a point attractor in the middle of the device, right behind the logo. This deformation creates a visual lens effect, that suggests depth on a 2D shell.

The product won a Red Dot design award right away, this year and now is internally seen as a key product, that influences the product line and brand.

It was fun to work on that, and it´s great to see, what the next generation of design-tools can do.


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