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Speckle does stuff with Grasshopper and the Internet (usually). 

Speckle has quite a rich, albeit short, history: 

1. Speckle The First:

Speckle The First simply allows you to upload geometry to a server and then view it online from anywhere. 

2. Speckle The Second:

Speckle The Second allows you to precompute a discrete portion of your solution space and then play with it online by manipulating sliders, through some quite primitive sliders. 

3. Speckle The Third:

Speckle The Thirds does the same as Speckle The Second (see above), but better and is wrapped in a more attractive ui. 

All the above were experiments in developing a protocol for design data communication that is easy to use and just works. 

Forward to now:

Speckle enables data rich collaboration between designers: structure your own communications channels and evolve complexity gradually, from simple geometry to fully integrated BIM-like “smart” objects.

Check out the tutorials: 

1. How to install

2. How to send and receive data

3. How to build your own bim

Speckle is Open Source, released under the MIT Licence. That's polite language that you can do whatever the f*** you want with it, including taking the code and start selling it for a profit (as long as you credit). 

Another important thing to note is that we are taking feature requests and we do ask questions, but not in the grasshopper forum: 

We hang out on slack and on the discourse forum.


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Discussion Forum

Speckle Viewer Issues

Hello there,I'm trying to get Speckle viewer to work & I'm not having a huge amount of success, so just want to check if I'm doing something wrong, or if there is a problem somewhere else!Here's…Continue

Started by Emma-Kate Matthews Oct 18, 2017.

Beta.Speckle Beta Run 9 Replies

Hello All, is ready for a trial run. If you're interested, use the following beta key to get access: smoothsliders Just pop it in the "I…Continue

Started by Dimitrie Stefanescu @idid. Last reply by owe Feb 10, 2017.

Testing speckle

Hello, I tried to test the speckle stream. But if I´m  loading Grasshopper and have the folder SpeckleSuite (with the .gha and the .dlls in it) in the Libraries folder, Rhino is crashing. Grasshopper…Continue

Started by 3dcon Dec 31, 2016.

speckle upload error

Dimitri ,speckle is still working? Non of its versións are working for me.ThanksContinue

Started by Luis García Lara Nov 12, 2016.

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Comment by Danila Babko-Malyi on September 1, 2020 at 5:56pm

I am trying to set up a workflow from Grasshopper into Dynamo through streams in Speckle within a shared Project. Is it possible to send data to an existing stream in Grasshopper. I have only been able to get the attached to work where I change the name of the 'data sender' in Grasshopper to then update that name in Dynamo. Thanks for any input. 

Comment by Dimitrie Stefanescu @idid on May 13, 2017 at 1:55pm

Hello ramon, i replied to you on slack. in short, the answers:

1) is yes. and

2) also yes. speckle streams and * are no longer developed. they will be rebuit based on 

Comment by Ramon van der Heijden on April 24, 2017 at 12:57am

Hi Dimitri,

This is a very interesting development. Some quick questions:

  1. Currently there is a 3mb limit for each transaction. If I were to deploy my own server, would that limit go away?
  2. Also, will ultimately replace It seems that the web viewer for has some size limitation as well, but I can't figure out what the limitation is. Low quantities of geometry, say up to 60 elements, show up in the browser, but beyond that, no changes are represented and only the last successful model is shown, without a warning. Is that intentional?

Thanks and regards

Comment by Dimitrie Stefanescu @idid on April 10, 2017 at 7:51am

@owe part 1: model info: not yet, but we're working on it. 

@owe part 2: sliders, hell yea. check

Comment by owe on February 13, 2017 at 4:43am

Hi! I started using Speckle recently and I have to say it´s just great!!

Still, I am wondering if it could be possible to visualize certain properties of an object clicking on it. I mean its surface, volume or maybe some text that was previously linked to that object in Grasshopper. Lets say you are defining a basic geometry for plots and buildings in Grasshopper and you want to visualize not only their geometry but their numeric features once you upload the file to Speckle.


Comment by owe on February 10, 2017 at 1:46am

Hi Dimitrie!

Is there a way to include sliders to control the shape of the model uploaded to Speckle?
You show that in several examples but I didn´t find a way to do it when I downloaded the Speckle component.

BTW, congrats, great job!!


Comment by Sergey Dmitriev on March 30, 2016 at 8:57am

Hi, Dimitrie! Tell me please, how to change default folder name?

I have a same problem:

"1. Solution exception:The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)"

Comment by Dimitrie Stefanescu @idid on February 23, 2016 at 1:25pm

Yep, I checked - there's something wrong with the shortid generation :/ when the app restarts, it gets init with the same stupid seed, which means it start overwriting files. 

Thank god i said no guarantees. I'll push a hot fix asap - after tomorrow though...

For now, re-upload those models and use the new links... sorry for the trouble! 

Comment by Tomaž Berčič on February 20, 2016 at 1:39pm


two observations...

I had 5 simple models on the old specle that I embedded in a website just as a viewer.

First of all 5 links somehow disappeared and stopped working. Three of them reverted to cubes, two became something completely different.

I will try it again ... as you have said NO guarantees!! ... I was wondering do you have a time limit on the models?

Also I noticed that the embedded geometry works really well on the computer but does not work and crashes the site on the iOS phone.

Keep up the good work!


Comment by Rémy Maurcot on February 18, 2016 at 5:25am

Salut Dimitrie,

Ton Français est meilleur que mon Anglais !

Je serais ravi de participer, je vais essayer de diffuser mon article sur le wiki GitHub.

A bientôt.


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