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Hello All, is ready for a trial run. If you're interested, use the following beta key to get access: smoothsliders 

Just pop it in the "I have a beta key" field at this link: and you'll be taken to the signup page. 

Possibly the most awaited feature has been implemented: sliders! You can now export from Grasshopper a beta.speckle model, upload it, and then view it online. Some of the new features:

  • Saved configurations: you can store preferred configurations in order to help your users navigate the parametric model or use them to poll your stakeholders about what they appreciate most.
  • Performance measures: display alongside your parameters evaluation criteria like cost, surface, etc. - whatever you can cook up!

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Hi, I already have the first speckle version and that worked.

Today I downloaded the new version.

I made sure everything is unlocked, yet the BSpk component tuns red when I plug in a slider.

I uploaded the first example to the website but can't see anything besides a menu that doesn't react to my clicks?

Hey Martin! Checked now your model, it seems like it's just a .gh file in there. You might have uploaded the wrong thing? 

General remark: What speckle *should* do, once you double click the icon it starts generating all instances of the model. It saves them do something like "Documents/Speckle Models/YOUR GH DEF NAME". When it's done it zips them up as "YOUR GH DEF" <- this is what you have to upload! 

If it's red, it might mean a lot of things, it's still quite buggy (or handles errors quite badly): 

- some sliders are not sliders

- inputs are not flattened (THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT)

- some performance measures (prf) are not panels, or have null values


Let me know if this helps... The examples should work out of the box, i'm a bit worried :) 


Yep, checked some more, it seems you're uploading the gh def instead of the export file. Things should be within normal buggy parameters :D

I'm using your first example with the box. Speckle doesn't export anything so I'm wondering what to do?

Sorry for the late reply. Mmm, a screenshot of the error & the def as it's opened. Also system specs? 

Can you check if you actually have a "My Documents"/"Documents" folder that comes with standard windows? 

Hi, Dimitrie! Tell me please, how to change default folder name?



I have a same problem, and see this error:

"1. Solution exception:The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)"

Dimitrie congrats on your efforts!!

My questions is it possible to use a predefined view when exporting?

Can you export the geometry without the sliders?



For exporting geometry w/o sliders AND named views, old speckle works just fine > 

Beta.Speckle is quite under heavy dev at the moment, but what you just mentioned will probably be implemented at one point or the other (ie, bland export, no sliders). 

Right now when you save a configuration, i do keep track of where the camera is. Next release of the viewer should enable moving the camera to where it was when you've saved that instance. 

Logged them up as #9 and #10

I encourage any feature requests/bugs to be dropped on github!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Hi! I am trying to upload a very basic example to check how Speckle works. I have generated the ".json" files, but no zipped file has been created. I have used win.rar to zip all the instances and then I have uploaded the zipped file but when I click "visualize" the only outcome I get is a black window that says "loading" forver and the model is pretty small so it should not take long to load. What am I doing wrong?


I got it!!






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