algorithmic modeling for Rhino

edit: I looks like the text field come out blank.

Currently I use the backspace key (labeled delete on the mackbook pro) + Fn key.

The problem with this workaround is that I need two hands to do it (letting go of my mouse) because those two keys are on teh opposite corners of the keyboard.

Rhino V5 seems to have solved this issue letting us use thebackspace key for delete. Any chance of seeing the same fix to delete objects/nodes in grasshopper or will that screw something else up?

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Use Fn + Delete
Oops Fn + backspace
Hi David any chance to reconsider this request for Grasshopper via bootcamp?
Grasshopper for Mac already uses this for delete components and the workflow in the MacBook Pro is more productive.

I had to borrow my girlfriends macbook one time while traveling, I found that control x (or cmd x, whatever they use) was a better option then the cross key board stretch.






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