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VS 2015 crashes due to Intellisense issue on GH_Structure/Datatree class

Dear GH users, 

I am facing a weird but really annoying issue : whenever I am coding a GH component in Visual Studio Community 2015, Intellisense crashes the software when it attempts to suggest parameters/methods from very specific GH classes like GH_Structure and Datatree. 

For example, when I type :

Dim dataTree as new GH_Structure(of GH_GUID) 

dataTree. [it stops working here]

 Intellisense tries to suggest a method and leads VS to shut down.

So far i found a workaround by coding my components in notepad + copy/pasting them into VS + disabling Intellisense but this is not really user friendly. 

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong with Intellisense? Where does VS get information about classes and members, in the DLL itself?

Thanks for your feedbacks,


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I remember facing the same issue, try updating the VS (I'm using 2017.2 and haven't seen this crash for a while). As far as I remember this is a bug introduced with the 2015.3 update... 

Ok cool! I will start updating VS right now, thanks for the hint :-)

Hello Mateusz, 

Quick one, I did migrate to VS2017  but I am figuring out that removing VS2015 at the same time was maube not a great idea : whenever I start debugging into 2017, I get a lot of DLL not found errors and none of the components is working properly.

How did you manage to update all internal references inside project to VS2017? 

Thanks for your help, I am kind of stuck now.







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