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Hi to all :)

Is there any component that draws an ellipse from 2 focal points and the sum of distances from that focal points?
Thanks in advance :)

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With a plenty of geometrical research, i compose the component to make an ellipse, given with the focal points and tickness of the ellipse.

After that, when i was trying a solid union operation, I found that in the very first ellipse (that i was trying to make it with deformation of sphere) could do the trim. But second eliipse (which is perfectly arrenged) couldnt do that operation.
Can somebody help me where i was wrong?

this is the main object;

This is the first ellipse that i did it with deformation of sphere;

and this is the subtraction which is true..;

so far..

This is the second object that i was searching at the begining of the project;

and finally this is the NULL solid difference result.

Can somebody help me where i did wrong?


Hi Erdem,

the mistake is that you're revolving the whole ellipse with an angle of 2*Pi. If you use only half of the ellipse curve to revolve, it works. I matters which half you pick. In the file you attached, use the SubCurve component after the ellipse, and use domain 0.5 To 1 (reparameterize the curve first). Check the resulting Brep to be sure its normals are pointing out.

(In fact I did make the component you discribed, and while it's working great over here:), I'm not sure it's 100%. But if you'd like to try it: just ask)



I appreciate :)))

your component is charming :)

You're welcome, I think you wrote that you'd like to try it, or?
They'll show up in the Curve> Primitive Tab, please let me know if they're any good.


I keep getting the error that I must provide 2 foci, when I am providing two points as foci. Would you mind sharring the source code?

Hi Philip, the F input takes a list of two points (per ellipse),
so in case of just one ellipse, just flatten the input.

I needed a component to create an ellipse from the focal points. I've cleaned up your definition and am offering it up as a user object, if anyone else is interested.



Thanks Gabe!
it should be introduced as standard gh component.

Thank you!






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