algorithmic modeling for Rhino

How do I simulate the behavior of streched fabric? My intention is to predict the behaviour of structures like this.

 And This

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Probably using the Kangaroo plugin. Other than that, you're going to have to post some files that define a specific membrane you're interested or detailed feedback is not really possible.

Hello David

Yes definitiley Kangaroo. I´ll be starting a project in the company I work in. I´want to find a way to replace some of our wooden structures with streched fabrics. We biult this 5 meter high ceilling structure of the VW AG trade show booth  (IAA 2013) with a massive construction of wooden waffles. A waste of money and a great ecological problem. The green surface is the one to be replaced with fabric.

Where can I find information on how to use Kangaroo systematically without try and error...? It´s so hard to get in. I watched every tutorial I could find (Blogs,Grasshopper, Vimeo) and it seems logical and all but how did the guys behind the tutorials get to their point of competence?

Looking forward to hear from you...

best regards



I put some time in understanding the kangaroo engine in the beginning.

But I cannot say I have used all the components - nor would I need to. so identify the components you absolutely need, then rule out the ones that are irrelevant to your study.

My advice to you is just to set up a definition with a mesh spring and play with the spring reset values and line parallel force parameters until you get a satisfying run. 

and start as small as possible- around hundred to thousand points. this way you dont have to wait very long for the kangaroo engine to reset / and dont do what i did: to try to simulation nearly a million points.

my record kangaroo engine reset time is 21 hours.

add a little bit of gravity to the forces, add anchor points you want fixed.

select the edges of the red surfaces, divide them to many points, and use the find closest points component to find mesh vertices that are closest. use the closest points on a mesh you are using to create springs as anchor points.

I definitely remember Daniel Piker uploading a simple definition for it, though I cannot find it.

I remember using it to model something like this:

and dont forget to flattern all the inputs, unless somehow you want multiple meshes out.

Hello Youngiae,

Thank you for the advices, I will follow them in time. I need to set the Values by try and error then. Ok. Maybe as my Project goes on I´ll develop a system and wil be able to make a documentation myself for those who come after us.

greeting from Frankfurt


yeah think about what fabric you have in mind. the way fabrics stretch are really different frome one fabric to another- some fabrics stretch diagonally A LOT but not much at all along u and v direction. model your kangaroo system accordingly.

I lived in frankfurt for several years. grune sosse! wie gehts Forian. I guess its for IAA? 

FYI I know One to One has alot of experience detailing one of those wooden waffles...with rhinoscripts. he happens to be one of tutors we had at my masters.

OneToOne is one of the companies we hire for computing and scripting services. they are so freeaking awesome. I´m trying to move in this direction although I´m not sure wether I´ll be able to get there

got getting there in a way of working there but the level of professionalism...

I am looking into a system for predicting the stretching behaviour of fabrics in tensile configurations but not getting too far. Tensile structures are designed to be made of fabrics without a lot of stretch, but for my interior purposes stretch would be an advantage because it minimizes the number of panels required in fabrication. I am wondering how far you got on this, Florian.


21Hours... nice. Thats more than just a coffee-Break

i found this video really interesting

Also I'm saving up to buy this course which I hear is very in depth in regards to kangaroo (7 hours)but not cheap...






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