algorithmic modeling for Rhino

EDIT : New components for on screen smoke and mirrors.

There are 4 new components, example attached. 

osSlider = displays slider

osToggle = displays true/false toggle

osDisplay = shows any text

osHideGH = Hides GH window.



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Thanks for sharing

Niceeeeee!!!! thanks for sharing Mateusz..By the way I noticed that if you try to change the code(i.e change the anchor point) and rerun it. the old windows remain and you have to close them manually. Any clue why this happens?

Once again thanks.


yes, this is cause closing the window depends on "run" boolean toggle. you must turn it off first(window will disappear), then you can safely edit code.

Niiiiiiceeeeeeeeeee!! Amazing work Mateusz :) And really useful ;)

Cool stuff!

wooow Mateusz very useful, thanks for sharing!
suggestions for improvement, display some data that vary when you play with the slider and the possibility to change the text color please! if not much to ask.

Just after adding text color option, i realized how to make this without timer. I need some more spare time to rewrite this script, i will remember about your suggestions.

Here is what I got for displaying data. It operates without timer, but it will update only text to display, not its properties.


Really, really useful. Thanks Mateusz! Didn't know that the windows.form library could be used like this.

nice stuff !

1+ interesting!

Thank you so much. It's like a Processing and Grashopper having a baby. 

Please, can you also implement a boolian function?

This is such a cool way of displaying a finished function.


In a way its the Grasshopper interface made transparent. And Piker, wink wink. mabye a transparency setting in the next GH update is an even eaysier way to control geometry. :P


Thanks Mateusz






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