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Hey guys.. I was wondering if anyone came across a definition for calculating bend allowance in sheet metal which is responsive to the material thickness and k factor.. So you could unroll a folded piece and get the precise flat piece of the bent sheet.. You would work off 2 planar surfaces With a hinge connection and define the flattened radius.. I know inventor and solid works do it but you have to manually build flanges while  I want the flanges to be deducted from the original surface model so that the overall bounding  measurements remain the same.. Thanks a lot

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I'm doing the same research...

It doesn't seem to attract lots of interest :/

there are some bend features in GH....

I've had a go at trying to understand the nature of the problem, maybe you can adapt what I've started.

see attached

neatened it up a little and packaged it as a cluster component.


Hello Julian,

This is an amazing definition !

Not quite what I am looking for though, since my bent parts are already modeled, and I want their flattened version : the other way around, really.

Yet, I'm sure that I can learn interesting things from what you've done here.


I have been looking at the inverse. Hadn't quite finished it. To begin with I have made a definition that rationalises all of the dominant direction and estimates the best axis. I was trying to think beyond just one bend.
The detection part is pretty much there, but for the second part about rolling it out, I am trying a few approaches to see which is the most robust and fastest to process.
I will probably try and expand the definition above to allow multiple bends too. Seems like a good challenge because after the first fold it would have to mask out parts that don't need any further bending.






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