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I am excited to announce GeometryBin for Grasshopper. GeometryBin is a plugin that allows users to send data between Grasshopper definitions on any machine. I made a quick video to show how it works.

Introducing Geometrybin from Ryan Gathmann on Vimeo.

Get started here:

Download the plug in from here: GeometryBin on Food4Rhino

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Ryan

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Wonderful work Ryan!


It works really smooth, and I like that you've set it up to track and maintain data structures. I have recently added some similar components within TreeSloth for packing and unpacking GH data, using the binary writer/reader functionality in the GH SDK, but which doesn't work through the cloud as geometry bin does. One thing that you may want to consider to enhance the functionality of the interface is to try to allow for multiple inputs and outputs rather than a single feed. It's fairly straightforward to manage through the ZUI, and it might make things a bit easier for users who have a variety of data elements that they'd like to keep discrete. That said, it's really a great tool as is, and the cloud functionality is outstanding. I'm looking forward to seeing how you extend it, and how you approach interoperability with other platforms!

This is a great idea. This was definitely next on the list. This will make managing the data much easier without a merge component.

Interesting plug-in;
It has those restrictions? Or create those objects affect the upload speed, I have in the face of particularly slow upload speed

There are no speed restrictions only a size restriction of 15mb. This beta period is really a proof of concept. I am working on a much more robust system with users and private storage, and cross software interoperability. I am also interested in adding an API to upload and access data as well.

The files are highly compressed before uploading and downloading so most transfers should be very fast.

Thank you, very much looking forward more perfect function


Nice work!

Brilliant, I love it!

What is the reasoning behind having all bins public?  Why not simply require the Secret Key for 'Unpack' as well as 'Pack'?

I initially created all public bins for the sake of time. I wanted to get this out, and into the hands of users start playing with immediately. I will be pushing a fast development cycle that is responsive to the needs of the users.

There will be two major additions in the next release. First, I am going to clean up how files are uploaded, stored, and downloaded. Hopefully this will start to happen on a separate thread, which will keep Grasshopper from locking up. The uploads will also be stored differently on the server which will make uploads and downloads faster as well as removing the size limitations. Along with this upload/download change there will be some UI reworking as well. 

The second feature I want to add is user accounts. With user accounts you will be able to have private or public data storage and it should remove the need for the clunky secret key based workflow.

Keep the feedback coming!

- Ryan

Sounds great, and while there may be very good reasons for user accounts, I don't believe you need them to support private data.  Just a "Public" checkbox on the 'Edit Bin' page that disables the default requirement for using the Secret Key with 'Unpack'.

In any case, a potentially very useful tool, perhaps for a cluster of Grasshopper nodes working together on different parts of a complex model?  Fun and powerful!






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