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Hi There,


I am currently working on building a facade for a building by creating a curvilinear line, breaking it up into segments (Representative of the number of floors i.e. 70 floors, 70 segments) and copy it along the z axis. Then the next one I try and make shorter by one segment and then copy that along the z axis until the line is only one segment.


The problem I am having is I just dont know how to make this occur or if it can be done with grasshopper. Do I need to pursue VB or C++ Scripting to achieve it?


I have included a copy of the file I am working on at the moment, the bottom thread is the one trying to create one face of the facade.


Model in GH


Edit: Sorry forgot to add, thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply or read!

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Something like this maybe?




Close. Except they are all share a common start and end point for the curves. I have uploaded the original Rhino file that I am trying to replicate. Thank you so much for the GH file, that will be very informative.


The file shows the basic shell. I intend to structure the lines as the basis for floors, then model them as slabs and lay a diagrid over it. I am studying structural engineering but we are using Rhino as a learning tool and GH has proved to be fantastic so far.




Ok, how about this?



Hi Josh, did you mean this?

Hi Pieter,

I'm interested to see if you can see a more efficient way to do what I've done above.  I have to think there is a more succinct way of doing it.



Hi Chris, an attempt at that:

Thanks Pieter.  I had the idea of that (to use the series components to get the index list) but couldn't figure out the arrangement.  Thanks for looking at it.



You're welcome Chris. I find it helps writing down/sketching what I'm after, that's what I did with the series.

Thanks so much Pieter and Chris so far, you guys have been a great help.


I have uploaded my copy that I have annotated and "finalised".


What I am trying now is to do the same clipping of polycurves but using circles to do it. But I cant find a function that simply "trims" or "clips" as you would in AutoCAD or Microstation. Is there such a feature?

I don't understand the question Josh, can you make a sketch of it?

I am trying to recreate the model in the Leaf file from Rhino. Please disregard the amateur hour that is a structural engineering student's attempt at "design".


I believe in Rhino Trim is called "Boolean Difference"?

Is called trim also: intersect> region> trim with region. I'll look at the file you send now...






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