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I'm trying to draw lines perpendicular to srf in a specific point. To do this, I'm using evaluating srf, as I have a given pt on this srf.

The problem is that Point after evaluation are wrong and, if I try to reparametrize my srf everything disappear.

Any idea?

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The problem is that I think you misunderstand how Rhino/Grasshopper works. 

"The problem is that Point after evaluation are wrong" It is correct, evaluations on surfaces always evaluate the untrimmed data of that trimmed surface(that is why it looks like the points are "wrong") - but a trimmed surface is not actually trimmed, rhino just hides parts of the real untrimmed surface from you. 

"reparametrize my srf everything disappear" This is because reparameterization changes the UV domains of the surface to be 0 to 1, so if your values (in this case points) have values less than 0 and larger than 1 they are going to be off your surface (in this case probably really far away based on your point coordinates.)

Thank you for your reply. the issue is that I don't understand why everything disappear if I reparametrize this srf, even if other elements are not linked or connected with the srf (see sphere in the example).

I tried to redraw the srf based on the edge crvs, creating a network, but nothing changed.

My question is: is there any way to have lines normal to hte srf, exactly in those points? 

Thank you


you can do this,

yes, thank you... right now I found the same solution. SrfCP!

it is still a mistery the issue of "disappearing" :D

I think it is a problem on your end. Nothing disappears when i reparam






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