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Hallo everyone, I have a problem!!

I use, the new v-ray 3 for Rhino, and I want to render a mesh made in grasshopper with there simulated colors (out for example from Ladybug, Honeybee, etc), but when I bake into Rhino, vray render this geometry not with the default colors (from GH), but with the material colors of your own Layers.

I wanna render objects on vray with their default color (out from Grasshopper).

thanks for your help...

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I'm also tried to find information about V-Ray 3 in Grasshopper but still no documentation. Only one webinar with quick possibilities...

If V-Ray plays nice with the Rhino SDK then you can do this using the latest release of Grasshopper that ships with Rhino WIP. The [Custom Preview] component now also outputs the meshes + materials to the render-pipeline, and you can reference materials by name from the Rhino document.

However I seem to remember V-Ray not playing nice, so maybe none of this works.

V-Ray has a Beta GH plug-in floating around the web (can't seem to find it at the moment) but they have demo'd it and used it a few times at our workshops. It is made fro rendering GH previews specifically. 

Hello it is possible to do that here is the process, surely not as simple as Rh 6 but quite simple at the end with the power of Vray.

First read this and try to get the Vray component or perhaps use GRAY

Then I use this program from Vicente Soler

So if I have a mesh with color at points

I use Vicente soler to put a texture image alwas at the same place in a folder here "c:\vray\texture.png"

I create a Vray material here "mat_vray" and I put a texture in diffuse color "texture.png"

I the plug the mesh from Vicente VB in a Vray Document renderer , add material name, don't forget antislash "\" and don't forget to have a rhino object in the scene and render.

When you change a parameter don't forget to click on button "save texture" in GH  and if necessary restard Vray render. 


There is this GH+V-ray component by Daniel as well:






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