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Hi all

How I can randomize the data (like a soup of letters) and is possible to justify(Align middle and center it) the TEX-TAG-3D component.

Erick Vásquez

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Have a look at this Thread which demonstrates how to generate random seeds for your random component

The R Domain of the seed generation does not have to be restricted to either 0 to 1 (default) or 0 to 26 (your modification) try it as 0 to 1000 see what you get

did your suggestion, but instead of choosing randomly, becomes less dense
I believe that if I use from 0 to 26 is because I have 27 items(letters) to choose

As you can see wheter the two forms continued on that row(65) the error in the first picture looks more dense and in the second picture the letter C repeat again CCCCCCC


Hi Erick,

You need to increase the domain of the Random Seeds. Don't restrict it to 26.

Also the domain of you Letter Generator should be 0 to 25 (26 items)

Thanks a lot Danny, run ok

Just for curiosity, what expressions you used?

I use an older version and the TEXTtag3D only has 3 input L,T,S what about C?

C is for colour it was done in version 0.8.0066 you've probably guessed but the ABC is called Sequence and is located on the Set Tab. It produces a sequence of letters in Alphabetical order for the length of the C input in this case 26 (A-Z).

I was going to recommend you have a look at Giulio's TxtLines component found on his website (there is an older version as well). Which creates lines that you can planar srf on to form your letters. These are real geometry types which allow you to then scale and move for your justification. But my machine has just crashed and I'm currently on a PC without Rhino. 


They are N+1 to match the number of Cell Centres coming out of the Square Grid.

NOTE that one of the Random Components doesn't have it in the image but should to be correct.

That looks great. Here is another example of ascii art in GH.

wow! thanks taz the art with image sampler is definitely a separate issue!






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