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Hi All!

Is there a way to connect a group of points (green in the picture) between another one (red in the picture) with lines that follow the direction of the red arrows as you see in the picture?

I'd like your support, thanks in advance!


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depends on how your red points are structured. If they are in a tree with a branch for each hexagon, it's really simple otherwise the CPs (ClosestPoints) Component lets you find the n (=6) closest points to each green point in the cloud of red ones.


Can we have a default answer button like that, please?

Thanks for your reply. I've attached the files as you requested. Hope this helps.

Btw it's not so simple as you said, i think...

Thanks again :)


Well, it sort of works. Except for the boundaries. But your other pattern breaks there too, .

You can cull lines that belong to hexagons rougly by length.

Anyways... it's about the tree structure of your original cells and keeping it... Does that look roughly like what you want to build?


Thanks! which version did you use? i can't open this file... my version is 0.8.0066

Just updated to the 0.9.005 (i've Rhino 4 sr8)

Latest version for Rhino 4 is 0.9.0014.

Download it here.

Thanks! it's exactly what i was looking for :)

Another problem: i need to offset the exagonal lines in the direction of the red arrows. I've tried to use the "move" component and a "2 points vector" that moves to the centre of the exagon, but it didn't work... any suggestion? File again? :)

I've thinked to use the component "offset on surface" but i need to build the surfaces first... do u think it could be a good idea?

Thanks for the patience!







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