algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I'd like to set the plugin icon for my gh plugin same as the base plugins and human.

I used the property

public class MyPluginInfo : GH_AssemblyInfo


  public override Bitmap Icon
      return Resource.myIcon;




but apparently it does not work...


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has it, to your recollection, been argued (er, discussed...) previously? not trolling but would be interested to read if it was previously a dedicated topic of conversation (not just a couple comments here and there).

I surely wasn't aiming to make any discussion about personal preferences Andrew, merely happened to state mine ~:)
For me it's nearly impossible to 'read' the definition's function/purpose when named components are used. The text on the components is most of the time not parallel to the placement of my eyes, and the white text on a black background makes them look all the same to me. Also some names are ambiguous as they are used for different components. For me it just doesn't work. Good thing it's really easy to switch the components display mode.
Using icon display mode allows me to 'see' more information at once: because the components are easy recognisable, the logic/flow/function of the definition is much easier to understand - again, for me that is. I would like people to experience this icon-convinience too.
Also the definition looks way prettier with David's graphic art pieces, which for me is a reason too: I like pretty things:)


and the icons take way less space on the canvas. The text display hurts my brain. Looks like <cough>Dynamo</cough>.






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