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Placing irregular drop like shapes within bounding boxes

Hello helpful community


I have been asked (a client said he liked a precedent he has seen, he's a total tight ass so the chances of it being followed through are slim to nil, however its nice to get the chance to let loose the shackles of sketchup and play with GH (in the office rather than at home for fun - i know - i'm sure there are many of us the same)




I produced this set of hanging spheres, (could be light fixtures i guess but not very env friendly) anyway my boss has looked at it and she likes them however she was no hoping i could make some irregular shaped pieces.


My thoughts for going about this are to make follow a similar method but use cuboid bounding boxes, then in a second stage of the definition to place irregular drop shaped shaped objects within these bounding boxes


so the question is.... I've never made some irregular shapes merely for their sake of being irregular... any advice on how to go about it?


many thanks

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Probably over the top and not what you're after but I loved the way Heatherwick studios did it by dropping molten lead into water

Yeah very nice,


Mr boyes .... undisputed hero of the Grasshopper forum,


any ideas?

Mr boyes .... undisputed hero of the Grasshopper forum,

I dispute that :)

I'm not creative... I'm just a facilitator.

The important thing to grasp is that Grasshopper doesn't care what the final shape is just that your definition gets a location to place it ensuring that there will be no clashes or collisions. Your end goal here is to produce a manufacturing guide so that you know wire lengths and locations of each to ensure that what is conceived in GH ends up hanging from your ceiling.  

you can't dispute the undisputable danny....  thats tautological


Looks fun.

I was thinking that you could deform based on height. The height could be the seed of a (pseudo)random number that drives the deformation of the shape. For example, you could plug the random number into the Twisted Box morph component, to twist each bounding box or shape a random amount.

Metaballs - always a popular choice for a blobby aesthetic! (Isomeshing)

Voronoi - just say no...

Draping - forming a surface over objects, likewise - Shrinkwrap

Image sampler - create a B&W image to inform a surface undulation.

Kangaroo - many, many options.

"Voronoi - just say no..."


I'll vote for the "many Kangaroo options option"

My personal favorite is leaving the timer frozen, reversing the direction of forces on something, and then catching it mid-violent-correction. 

What about some random attraction deformation of spheres? 







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