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Patch Surface with Copy Trim = trim surface rotated in Z 90 degrees, how to fix?

Hello GH3D Community,

  as seen in 3 screenshots, when using Untrim, sDivide then Patch Surface(as target)&Trimmed surface(as Source) within Copy Trim, the results are Rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise around Z.

1) please let me know if familiar with way to correct this?, any help\suggestions welcome.

Thanks much,


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CopyTrim will transfer trim curves from one Surface to another in UV-coordinate space. So in order to have the trims aligned in 3d space, the UV orientation of both surfaces need to be aligned.

Patch doesn't give you any control over how U and V are aligned. I believe, there is a script around here, that allows to individually swap U and V directions, essentially rotating the trim orientation. The better way would be to use some form of projection or to use something other than patch to create your target Surface.

Thanks much Hannes,
                               sorry for delayed reply. i found a RevSrf component that swaps either or both UV's, but then found with a VB component which does same and also inverts both uv's which worked correctly aligning my CopyTrim uv's with its surface. But since the Patch surface is larger than SrfGrid surface the CopyTrim surface is similarly distorted in size.
Are either the script you referred to?

Also, i initially tried projection which worked but did not maintain surface topology when baked. Patch did however, only when "spans" and "flexibility" are sufficient, and SrfGrid did best requiring no intervention if surface point counts are high enough.
Really appreciate your productive help,


Post your def (and the data) - BTW: always do that when asking some assistance/opinion.

Thank you Peter,

                        i'll prep and send my def. soon as done,

talk soon,







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