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Hi guys,

Did anyone manage to make a "patch" surface from points work on GH?
I couldn't get the "surface from points" component to it similar?
All i could find is this method: RhinoCreateEdgeSrf is that the one Rhino uses for Patch?

Many thanks,


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Hi Arthur,

Patch is not available yet. Surface From Points requires an ordered grid of points as input.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
Thank you David.

As an alternative, could I do a delauney mesh from the points and transform it into a polysurface on GH?
I'd find a way to create an ordered grid of points before I'd try and translate a delauney mesh into a polysurface. It would probably be quicker to actually compute, and you have a presumably more worthwhile result in the end. Besides, it looks as though you have some order in the points you have, so maybe all you need is a way to fill in some of the gaps.
just a thought .. . .what if you sorted the points according to their xy coordinates, sorted them into sets based on their numerical distance to x and y mins and maxes, and then created a series of interpolated curves and lofted them? This would create a surface with a bias to one direction, but it might basically do the job.

Basically, what you want to do is make an interpolated surface. The question is how to move from interpolating in either direction to constructing a surface.






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