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Attractors based on distance naturally tend to make the the thing they are closest to smaller because the distance is smaller. Anyone know how to reverse this so the closer items are bigger? Is it a situation of reordering the list?

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Hi Michael,

1/d would give you an inverse relationship. As d approaches 0 you'll get a number that approaches infinity. If you do expect to have distance values of 0 you'll want to add a constant to d before inverting it to avoid a divide-by-zero error.

I'm running into the same issue- were you able to figure it out so that the object become larger near the points?

use the 1/x component

This is the definition I'm working with, but it doesn't seem to be coming up...



use remap as Mateusz suggested

remap values -> source domain i.e 0 to 1 , target domain 1 to 0

I always forget about that.

Sorry, I have the same problem, and I cant figure it out, my circles all become very small and the same size.. Where do you put the remap? Do you use it together with 1/x or on it's own?

I tried many different things, this is how the mess looks like: 



Could you please post a definition so that I can learn it?


Over and out!/Sophia :) 

Ok, I cleaned it up a bit to clarify what I mean.. 

Before 1/x


and after .. (??!?!?!!?!)

why do they all become so small? I tried to multiply the radius after, but it didn't work..


Any hints?





This is most likely a scale issue. When you get distances like 500 units and multiply by 0.1 to get useful radii, you end up with 0.002 after the 1/x where you had 50 before.

yea, it also isnt true to the proportion of scaling, I just stick now with remap.

Thank you so much for taking your time to answer this!  

I don't know why I can't make it work.. Have I missed something obvious?

The green points are the ones who should have the biggest circles around them, and the others should fade out gradually.. 

Source domain is set on 0-1 and the other on 1-0 











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