algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi, I am new here. Thank you for a great plugin and forum!

I have a problem with the "offset mesh" function in weaverbird. I had the same problem in Rhino and thought it could be solved in GH, but I can't find my way....

The overall problem is about overlapping surfaces, because the shape is very curved. I need to keep the outside of the mesh and need to offset inside the mesh. Do anybody know how to solve this?

In this case it could be great to offset in the direction only towards an axis in the center of the shape... 

- and how do you make the offset solid?

Hope someone has an idea...


First image is the shape with no offset

second image is with offset showing the overlapping surface

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Updated with transtion from cube to smooth


Flemming, thank you for asking this question. Laurent, merci beaucoup for providing this script!






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