algorithmic modeling for Rhino

How do I control the topography of the meta-ball? I'm getting something like this that is way too exaggerated. I'm trying to get a much less turbulent surface. I've attached my script.

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Hello Liam, 

I can't manage to open your file, it s giving me some error... but from what i can tell, you're not using sufficient points for the mesh to be created "correctly". 

As i was saying, just a wild guess ;)

I used a lunchbox component and a weaver-bird component those might be giving you the problem. I'll try adding more points.

the project is supposed to be a topography for the ceiling.

ok, i guess the lunchbox is not showing up for me.... can u post an image with the points you're using for the MeshFromPoints?

the divide curve component is good for the smaller iso curves but the larger ones have a large distance between points. I upped the divide curve to 50 pts and it got worse.

you could first give it a try with the length division, and divide all curves with the same length.

Another go at it would be to intersect all curves with a series of xz and yz planes giving you an "equally" spaced division of your curves






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