algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello everyone,


this is a small script which introduces the meshFromPoints command.

Prior to using the script, make sure you've installed the MeshFromPoints plugin for rhino.


Place the attachment in your userObjects folder (C:\Users\yourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\UserObjects)


Hope you'll find it usefull


Many thanks to David Rutten and Giulio Piacentino.


(it will appear in your extra tab)



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nice, hate to be a nit picker but could you post it so it goes into the extra tab instead of your "sect" tab.



Hi guys,

Am I correct in believing there is no 64 bit version of MeshFromPoints plugin for rhino?

The plugin manager (when running 64 ) won't install the one downloaded from rhino saying it is only a 32 bit plugin..and I can't find another version anywhere..




how to generate the the input points and what to add at run???

Hello Avishek,


connect a boolean toggle in the run input. True = run the script, False = don't

Thank u Tudor!!


hi Tuder,

I copy the thing into the right folder but it doesn't show up in grasshopper of the tab user.What's the problem?Many thx for anser!!


best ,


Hello Jiang,

It should appear in the extra tab(similar to other components/plugins), not under the user tab. If this should not be the case, let me know, i'll check it out.

All the best,


hi there,

put the object in the directory, but its not showing up...
anyone ?

big thx
Hi all,
Please confirm to generate mesh double précision ?
The mesh génération used triangulation,
If yes, It's possible to add plane construction ?

Thanks for your reply

Amazing, i needed it so much! Thanks...






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