algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey guys, this is probably a no brainer, I thought trim tree would do it.. I'm trying to reduce the tree so that each would contain its 3 branches  on one branch . Basically it should just be a list with 4 branches , each one containing the data of x,0 x,1 and x,2

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Hah, hah!  No code, "no brainer" - no problem!  Too typical lately...

I don't mmean that in a disrespectful manner :)

Maybe point them in the right direction then, instead of being an ass about it (which also seems to be quite typical lately)..


So Anders Holden Deleuran, you are calling me an ass?!  Stuff it up yours, jerk.

Having followed this forum closely for ~two years, there has been a rash of posts recently that ignore the guidelines, post no code and ask very poorly thought out questions that indicate a lack of aptitude for algorithmic thought and even basic geometry.

It is common courtesy on any forum to read it awhile before posting anything and to observe the conventions.  On a technical forum like this, asking questions without code and/or images that clearly illustrate the problem is just plain rude.  Why would anyone bother to spend any time at all trying to help such people?  (unless they are getting paid)

It is very inconsiderate for a poster to trivialize the complexity of a problem that they can't solve themselves and expect help from people who would have to spend considerable time and effort writing GH code from scratch just to illustrate an answer - because the poster couldn't be bothered to post their GH code.

Apparently, though, this isn't as obvious to some as it is to those of us who offer help here freely, just for the fun of playing with GH - like a daily crossword puzzle.

Have you noticed how many questions are getting ZERO replies?  It's not because the answers and expertise aren't present on the forum.  It's because it's way too much trouble to explain the guidelines (again!), to correct someone who just isn't thinking clearly and who hasn't done basic GH homework.

Not posting GH code for a question like this is disrespectful to the forum and people who are here to help.  As is your very rude comment, Anders Holden Deleuran.

I absolutely agree, hence the "Read this first!" sticky thread. But common courtesy and not being rude and/or inconsiderate is a two-way street, no? Didn't mean to call you an ass. Merely this particular behaviour (the tone of your post(s)), which comes of as a wee bit ass-ish. Clearly I'm not alone in this opinion.

Hey dude, you are more than "a wee bit ass-ish" yourself so don't try to give me lessons on forum etiquette.

Most of the pain and suffering in this world is caused by stupid people doing (or saying) stupid things.  Try not to be a contributor to the pain, eh.

Posting a rude comment as a response to a rude comment goes nowhere. True, there has been a lot of new newbies posting half-baked questions and "gimme solution for ZHA", but this forum from the very beginning was always a friendly place to ask questions. In any way, I consider posting the link as a perfect solution in those cases.

Question to admins - is there any way to force new users to RTFM (the link) before even joining the forum? 

relax buddy.. saying something is probably a no brainer is cynical. 

let me add another rule to guidelines.. no attitude.

So were you just being self-deprecating when you said this question you couldn't answer "is probably a no brainer"?

You don't get to add rules to the guidelines if you can't be bothered to follow them.

Joseph was right about wanting something to work with... most of my time was spent trying to recreate your data structure. But that's ok because I need to learn more about creating custom data structures.

BTW if anybody has a better way to recreate the data... i am all ears. In fact the way I did it seemed clunky and it relies on a plugin.. Andrew Heuman's_ Human plugin (thanks Andrew)

anyhow, you were looking for an solution, not your data. My solution is pretty simple if your data structure isn't going to change often.  If it is, I would suggest looking into the Path Mapper as I bet that could make quick work of this... it is probably also a good way that I could have made the data too.

Path Mapper help from Danny Boyes here.


thanks ! :)






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