algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hi, i'm trying to do a tower that have an exterior fluid structre somethink like this one:

i tryed on my surface diamond panels and a loft between them but i stuck, and i try by diagrid then do pipes from lines but i get a rigid image:

how can i get a similar result as in the first image on my structure? thanksss

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there are many ways to thicken a curve network, I can propose my way.

As Mohamed said it is always best to give a script, if you don't want to give everything give some part with internalized data ... A general thing is also that  there are many good way to search on internet, google image is a good way, search with key word like grasshopper, thicken, ... 

Here I did a sort of diagrid on a vase, but whatever, the  script need lines and a surface to calculate nomals. 

I chose a rectangular section.


sorry for that i dont know how thinks works here this is my first post here are the file.

i try to apply that script but i dont know how to do it can anyone help me please, thanks a lot


I apply it, OK I didn't give to much explanations.

The script needs lines to make a network. The lines must have an orientation of the axe/roll on each of the node (lines intersection), because sections are not always round (here square).

I put a dam in order to make the calculation just when you want. 

There are some problem on the top surely due to orientations. This surely could be fixed, but not tonight. 

With more lines it could be more curvy. 

I can explain more, if needed. 


@Laurent - sweet thing!

The top is an easy fix if the range components take x-1








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