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I am trying to make a bunch of circles deform a series of straight lines, so that the straight lines which would cross the circles, actually are modified to flow around them. All in 2D, same plane.


Any ideas of how to start approaching this? I tried already so many things, but they always get messy when I try to input multiple objects (circles or lines).






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Hi Daniel, i guess you can get an idea from this:

I posted a definition about a year ago in response to a similar question.

It makes use of the Milne-Thomson theorem

thansk for the replies!

unfortunately, it wasn't really what i was looking for...

I started a definition which is kind of working the way I wanted. Now I need some optmization, and any help would be greatly appreciated!


- How would you readjust the lines so that they don't cross each other?

- How would you avoid these "peaks" which happen always when the lines are crossing the circle too close to the center...

- How would you make the lines react to all closest circles and not only the the one closest?


Any hints or insights are welcome!





Hey Daniel,

Have you ever solved this problem? I am kind of looking at the same problem now. All help would be appreciated.


hi Konrad

hmmm at the time we did not find a suitable solution... the concept wasn't working anyway, so we changed the project a bit.

but i guess now it should be a little easier, with the new field tools in GH...

good luck!!







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