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I am looking for a way to optimize my machining time (engraving on wood). Do you think it is possible to join the closed polygons in one line? It seems complicated to find such an algorithm but some of you may know this case? 

Do you have any ideas to start with ?

Thank you


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Graphs: Travelling Salesman Problem or Hamiltonian Path

I would state those will be optimal only in specific cases. IMHO a simple greedy method could work quite as fast.. greedy means: after each curve milled go to the next closest one. Given the case in the picture, imagine how many dry runs you have to do to mill the leftovers.

Can you give a reference for IMHO?

And to think I thought the H meant "honest". Never know what you will learn on the GH forum :D

I did give a try with Mateusz idea. So here a short script which begin by a curve you specify, go to the end find the closest curve which wasn't carved, take it and so on. If the curve doesn't touch with Rhino tolerance, go up first and and travel il straight line and go back. I output 2 types of paths :

A : with multiple curves with good orientation. 

B : a single path, but doesn't work with closed curve. 

The sphere is the begin of the path. Cones represent direction. 



thanks for this start.

I just started learning VB to start my script :D

I 'll post it here if I succeed

Wouldnt Make 2D achieve what you want?

I'm sorry I do not understand what you mean






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