algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I've gotten into the habit of grouping individual components in order to use the group name to label the components. I wonder is it possible to use this kind of overhead label based on the name of the component? (but only do so if name has been changed from default value) We can see the change in the name of the component only when not using Draw Icons option. Problem is I like using the naming of components, but like using Draw Icons more, hence the using of groups for labeling things...

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For Sliders it would be perfect to add an information about the rounding :-)


something like:

slider=10;I  <-- creates a slider wit 10 Integernumbers

slider=10;F2 <-- creates a slider with 10,00 Floating Point x,2

 or so!?


Best Regards DeDackel

Yup, that recently occured to me as well. I figured I'd just use integer rounding if no decimal places were specified.


Slider=10       becomes integer slider

Slider=10.0     becomes floating point slider



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

That would be good. And I like your solution :-) Live can be so easy

Done, you can now specify the number of decimal places using the X.XXXX notation. If you enter an expression though then the number of decimals is fixed to 3.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

This is golden knowledge, I had no idea you could do that.


Just noticed you don't even have to type out the full name, just as long as it is the one selected in the list type =Something and it works!




pan=I like cupcakes


very nice,

thanks David.

Regarding a good UI to add or subtract components to an existing group.

A simple "Add Component to Group" and "Remove Component from Group" in the menu that appears when right-clicking a group would be perfect. One could Shift-click for multiple component additions/subtractions too.


I frequently use the grouping of individual components in order to use the group name to label the component with programming notes. It's a good habit that I inherited from modeLab which has made my life so much easier when I'm navigating complicated or lengthy code, especially if I haven't visited it for a while.

Here's how I envision incorporating this into GH:

Of course without the Group Boxes.

That's a pretty good idea. It does grow the menu (which I'd like to avoid) and it does put additional responsibilities on custom object developers (unless I specifically implement it per object type).


I was thinking about an attachable comment object as an alternative to this. I'm also rather fond of Holgers suggestion and haven't decided yet which way to go.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Hi everyone! 

Just bumping this post to get some feedback about comments (research on forum with "comment" keywords are a bit hard...), any news about this ?


Hi all,


I wonder if anyone like the drag of scribble?

I personally find it better if it never tilt. I have to adjust the tilt of the scribble every time I drag it. Very annoying, can we have a choice of this? Probably in the preference panel, we can specify whether we want it tilt-able.


The other thing is that, scribbles are extremely difficult to select because they are thin, and you have to select the solid part of the text. I guess there could be some way to improve this by using a bounding box as selectable area.


I do not want to use the panel instead because the text in the panel dims and disappears when I zoom out. Scribbles are better in my case, when my scripts are very very huge and I have to zoom out to go to another location.




Press (and hold) Shift while dragging to disable tilt. Press (and hold) Control while dragging to only tilt.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

Hi David,


is it possible to add the drag+alt copy function to the scribble? or is it already overridden with something else?






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