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I've gotten into the habit of grouping individual components in order to use the group name to label the components. I wonder is it possible to use this kind of overhead label based on the name of the component? (but only do so if name has been changed from default value) We can see the change in the name of the component only when not using Draw Icons option. Problem is I like using the naming of components, but like using Draw Icons more, hence the using of groups for labeling things...

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Aww, no more Comic Sans default font?  It was just beginning to grow on me...

Thanks David,

Nice tip.


Is there a way to make it easier to select?




for scribble, Does it make any sense to reversed the drag rotate method where you to hold shift only when you want to rotate it?  I too would use it more if I didn't have to constantly battle the rotation.... and if you could also attach it to a component that would be really useful.

I support this behavior. (As I have already posted my opinion a while ago)

In another way of thinking about what the UI should be, (which I believe is what Grasshopper's main focus is). Perhaps these type of heat debate should be understood as "Some user prefer this way and some user prefer that ... Why don't we make this an option in the preference menu to allow user to select."

Just saying, I know some stuff are hard coded...






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