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hi guys!

I've some problem with loft surface...

I've realize 5 curves with different point of control (images 1 & 2);

this, because I must to control every singol point of single curve.

After, I've connect every single points, line and curves in 1 join curves and, at the end, create a loft with 5 curves(image 3)

But now,  I can't divide my surface in Horizontal and Vertical ribs!!

I've also bake this surface and after imported in GH but I can't realize my divide surface...

can anyone help me?!?

thanks guys! :D

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For problems like this please either post your definition or at least the error messages of the failing components.

Hi esc11,

it seems to me that your loft creates an open brep instead of a surface.

Maybe this hints you in the right direction.

But for further help it woud be much easier if you post your definition and the according Rhino file like Hannes already mentioned.



yes Rob,I've reparametrize every single polyline and loft surface...

you've reason Martin & Hannes...GH in divide domain  say me "data conversion Failed from Brep to Domain2"

now...I've try to create a surface from loft but I can't it...

all this, because I want to create something like this

This surface will be a wood wall that will divide living room from bedroom and inside I'll put a lumber-room...

But I'm I send my gh surface so you can say me if I've create a good model and specially in right mode!

my step will be:

-create a surface form loft;

-create a solid form this surface (in gh model I've call "TICKNESS 25 cm");

-cut upside part of this solid because roof it's incline (in gh model I've call "surface to cut")

 can you help me?!?

thank you guys!!!


Hi esc11,

the problem in your definition as I already thought is that the Loft creates an Open Brep/ Polysurface, this happens because your curves have some discontinuities.

Now you have some possibilities to solve this:

1. the best would be to avoid discontinuities when you create your Curves (exact version)

    (try to use iterpolate Curve (Curve -> Spline) or controlpoint Curve (Curve -> Spline))

2. you can rebuild the Curves (just an approximation of your original Curves)

    (for example you can take the component Rebuild (Curve -> Util) or

     you manualy rebuild the curve by extracting for example the controlpoints and

     creating out of this points a new curve with interpolate etc.)

3. you can rebuild the Loft (just an approximation of the exact Surface)

   (right click on the O input of the loft component -> Loft options -> Rebuild

    (instead of none) or use the Loft options component)

4. or (if you think this is a result you want) you can also explode the Open Brep and

    work further with the single surfaces you will get

Hope this is useful.



Hi Martin!

I've tried to use your methods but I haven't realize a loft like a surface...

I've used only points (i've changed evry single point) but I can't dividemy loft surface...

Maybe I haven't understand or maybe I have realize a mistake!

I've post gh...maybe you can see my error!

thank you Martin!!


You need to use a valid surface. Martin pointed out how to do so. Joining makes all the interpolate Curve stuff obsolete.

Try a 2rail sweep instead.


Hi esc11,

I agree with Hannes you can use the sweep2rail for this.

But if you still want to use loft have a look at the attached example,

but I think sweep2rail is more elegant.




Hi Hannes &Martin!!

THANK YOU for you help, I really appreciate it!

Now, I've understand how realize my surface... :D

Thank you for your precious advice!


Did you reparameterize the lofted surface?






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