algorithmic modeling for Rhino

i completed the 3D line structure of the structure, i now need turn that like to a structural support, look like that picture, would be great if anyone can tell me the process because im new the the grasshopper 

all i need is a structure that 5mm * 5mm * 5 mm to make a square shape around the line just like pips but it circle in pip

thank you 

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how did you get your curves ?

maybe you join them and then sweep (sweep1 component) a profile along each ...

sorry i cant ...

i get an error if i do perpframe component on a curve...

ups my bad


you could join your segments and then use this polyline for building a spline. then extrude along this. but i dont know how the orientation of that spline would be

if its twisting and changing direction you always will get a twistet extrution.

maybe have a look at kangaroo components - lets you generate gridshells that are more physically acurate i think

maybe a starting point


for 3d printing you have to have watertight meshes.

if u have surfaces they have to enclose a volume without holes and so on...

then convert it to mesh via rhino or grasshopper

You have a great starting network of lines. if your goal is to make a 3d print, then you should definitely use weaverbird:

I didn't save it. Dude, if you can't make this, you shouldn't be asking. :)

Download and install weaverbird...add a curve component, and reference your curves...then just look for the rest of the components in GH. It's just sliders, a panel, and then a few components from weaverbird.






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