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How to go about cage deformer (like mesh deformer in c4d) with grasshopper ? - freeform deform (FFD) high resolution 3d points from source low res mesh to target mesh

Hello, I am working on an installation 

and due to some displacement action of the actual thing I need to take measurements and produce an adjusted 3d model for a media artist to work with.

and I thought the easiest way (and really tight deadline now) was c4d mesh deformer because it lets one choose a cage object, so I modeled this "rig", essentially a mesh of 20 carefuly measured points to see how exact the real thing is to the 3d model. My plan is to deform the entire mesh from source (3d model) to target (meaured low resolution mesh = "rig" ) 


(above two images : C4D test... work with a spheric cage - but not with a mesh I modelled in rhino)

C4D Mesh Deformer doesn't work with the cage geometry like this because I think the cage geometry actually need to be larger and be more like a cage, but of course I can't measure Imaginary cage off this thing :)

So I am asking for a suggestion for any quick tool like mesh deform in c4d, or how one might go about it with grasshopper... with some coding.



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I am attaching the file - for example you can see the magenta points and lines show the measured deflection of the structure, from teal-colored points and lines.

The requirement is that the individual surfaces need to export as individual objects in the end.

I am attaching the rhino file here.

The exported object files of the individual surfaces need to be within 3mm off from the actual thing for this installation to work.. looking to how surface morph work at the moment.



Spatial deform seems to work perfect for this!! 

I put 1/x^4 to get the surface to morphed over larger areas. 

Thanks Grasshopper, Thanks David AGAIN!

Also found a very nice explanation of it by David, in case someone needs to use spatial deform custom:






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