algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi every body

please look at this post ! special the last one!

How i can draw these grids in GH?

Is There special component or plugin for drawing complex dighram ?
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I highly doubt that these are wooly paths... wooly paths are based on curve to curve attraction, and as I can see here, paths are deformed with point attractors.

Mohammad, what I do for this is

1: set attractor points and pull point all the grid points to those attractors

2: using equals say "if the distance is greater than x then cull"

3: Pull point again the but with the new culled list to the attractors

4: replace the original list, items to replace = the points remaining after the cull. Items to replace with = new points overlapping the attractors.

5: remove duplicate points.

6: Interpolate curves.

give it a try.

glad i found this post!  i tried to give it a shot with your instructions michael but i seem to keep getting errors when replacing the points back into the list.  could you point out what i did wrong?  im sure its something stupid i did.


could you upload the definition file?

Hi Michael, could you please elaborate on how you achieve this result on a 3d grid? Thank you!

Could your upload this file? thank you

Hi Michael, this example looks interesting, I already know how to make this pull things in a plane, would you mind upload you GH file then I can learn how to do it as 3D way?

Hi, just tried it cause i read a answer to this post this morning,but something i did wrong, anybody knows what?



Take a look at the attachment.


Hi Hyungsoo Kim,

thanks again man! Never used the Replace item before, already thought flatten the list is a bad idea didnt knew about the use, i think now i will remember the next time.







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