algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi there,
well i'm working on a architecture lab by Mario Vergara And Rodrigo Culagovski for the Architecture Magister on PUC.

i'm working on parameter variation via external controllers, in my case, via MIDI controllers.
my idea is to link PureData to GH via UDP. why pure data? cause' i can relate data like GH to generate numeric relations (and link it to audio generation)

so far i got PD and Processing to talk, but i can't get to grasshopper.

i use this definitions to make pd and processing to talk and this GHX to get the data to GH

i got this data from this post but the GH definition doesn't work for me. i have tried LAN definitions and "the engine" as well but they both freeze, even if i send data thru processing or PD.

i have a lot of questions at this time

1.- why processing tells me that i am getting the data from diferent ports, while i'm using 6000?
2.- why in the UDP definition i get no data out, even if it should say something like "waiting fordata/port/etc.." that's defined in the C# capsule
3.- is there a direct way to get midi data (key and CC) to GH

i also tried to use firefly to get the data via COM port. i know you can do this trick in processing but i just don't know how.

well. if anyone could help me i would share the results here (since it's a magister, results shoud be very interesting)
UDP has allways been a unsolved issue on other posts. maybe we could work it out ;)


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Have you looked into gHowl? There are two ways this can help you. First of all, gHowl exposes components that will allow for easy sending and receiving of data through UDP, so that should help you there. Secondly, we've been working on receiving MIDI messages directly with gHowl. At the moment we've only got control messages working and there are a few things that still need to be ironed out. Note messages aren't hooked up, but there was a request for them last week, and they'll probably be hooked up after the control messages are refined.

If those two points sound like they'll help you, send us an email at gHowlcomponents[at]






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