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I am trying to add hatch objects to closed curves in vb .net. I believe I need to provide a pattern_index value but dont know where to query that from. Can I provide a name instead?

Dim hatch As New OnHatch
hatch.Create(onplane.World_xy, "solid")

How do I assign it to curves? Is the following correct?

For Each curve As OnCurve In cevs

Thanks for all the help and attention!

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Hi Sameer,

looks like it's more involved then I remembered:

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
And the examples are in C++ and C# :(

Thanks for pointing to it... I will keep trying.
There is a C# to VB.NET convert that might be useful in these cases, and in the instances I've used it, the converted code is pretty good.

any chance this might be easier using Python?

sth like:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
a = rs.AddHatch(myCrv)



The python version that Daniel posted has to be the easiest/shortest answer, but if you want to use VB.NET I updated the wiki sample to a RhinoCommon version.


Until the next V5 beta or V4 version of Grasshopper, you will need to use a different version of the Hatch.Create function (which takes a list of curves instead of a single curve).








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