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maybe i'm just doing something wrong, but i cannot find a way to use a rhino group as an input to grasshopper. there is a group parameter but it doesn't allow for an input from main rhino.

do you have any idea?



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I remeber Jon Mirtschin mentioning something like this should be in the StrucDrawRhino components.

Actually I did block instances which are a different scenario (and I have proposed this should be implemented in native GH).

The trouble with groups is I can't see how you would reference them other than a script component accepting a name (unless David enables some functionality here).  Can you explain a little more about what you want to achieve with groups as then a script component might help you out.  

hey, thanks for the feedback!

i'm preparing files for lasercutting. right now i have a model made of simple planes with engraving lines on them ("on them" means projected to the same planar surface, but they were still separate objects). i made group out of each plane and its engravings and now i want to unroll those. unroll won't work, because they are groups, so i hoped for grasshopper. if i had those groups in GH, i would already know what to do...

well, maybe there is an easier way of doing this, but at the moment i cannot think of any...

You wish to reference them from Rhino and be treated as one entity. Is this right?

A possible way would be to use the Geometry Pipeline found in the most recent versions of GH and place a group of objects on a unique layer in Rhino. By using this Layer's name in the Component you will be able to collect all Points, Curves, BReps and Meshes on that Layer in one go. Once you have them in Grasshopper pass them to a Group Component. Which allows you to apply compound transforms to all entities in the Group.

yes, that's a correct assumption.
i've been thinking of this solution, but i've got 115 groups, which would mean 115 layers... and also, i wantto keep the layers they way i have them now.

all and all, i'll probably do it manually :)

thanks for the help! 

If all your planes are on one layer, use a pipeline for that layer, project the engraving lines to those planar surfaces with GH, and then keep your profiles "grouped" on a path basis.

but how would i pick only those curves that are supposed to be projected to their specific surface? maybe if i measured proximity... anyway, this time i'm doing it manually and i'm almost done, however it would be good to find an easier way for the future

yes, i understand, but it wouldn't work in my case, i guess

similar question, but with baking the rhino layer of the object in a group ?

is there a way, after importing object from different layer as group in grasshopper to bake them and keep the original layer structure when baking ?

want to delete randomly some group and after bake it with keeping the original layer of the object in rhino




I got a similar problem solved by referencing the group in Rhino with the Geometry Parameter. Highlight the group in Rhino first, then Set Multiple Geometries in Geometry Parameter.

Hi Stan,

I had the hope that Rhino would place the objects from different groups in different branches.

It is not the case :

I know that it can be done by making blocks, but that is kind of overkill : sometimes groups are just fine.






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