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Just reporting back from Smart Geometry 2011 where I can verify that at least 7/10 clusters were actively applying Grasshopper into their work.  I can imagine that the rest of the clusters also made use of, but I did not see it directly.  Also on the horizon, GC will have a VPL soon, as reported by Makai Smith of Bentley. 

It was nice to meet Andy Payne, Robert Cervellione, and many others from this GH Community whom I had not met face to face. 

In our cluster, Urban Feeds, we tested new gHowl GPS components (to be released soon) and they worked quite well for most situations.

One more thing to note, Ben Van Berkel named Grasshopper 4 times during his talk.  Sometimes referring to 'this was before Grasshopper' and references to the application of Grasshopper in masterplanning in China.  Interesting...

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Great, thanks Luis.
Hehehehe, nice concept: Architecture BG. and Architecture AG. ...AC. or BC. is not relevant in XXI century architecture :D

I prefer Anno Caelifera or (B)GE.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

And for your amusement, this was day 1 of the Grasshopper Era:



I also attached the actual plugin (it doesn't conflict with Grasshopper at all, different plug-in ID)



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


Jojojo, cool! When was Explicit History actually first released? 24th September 2007?

That date is when I first showed it to Bob and the coding team in Seattle. It was a bit of a secret project before then, only known to the Finnish office (where I worked at the time). I think it got released to the public relatively soon afterwards.



David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

I like to show people these 'old' versions when they are starting out in GH.

Wow, I'm just seeing this post now but my how times have changed...


I think this EH version predates my existence by at least half a year.

This is a must!! :D 


Nice to see this, remember me the first steps with Explicit History and the old googlr group :) I remember first guys there and how exciting was that: a great step forward democratizing generative and parametric modelling.


Best Regards.


P.S.: Downloading.


David or somebody should put those screenshots on the wikipedia entry of grasshopper XD


Grasshopper UI, circa 2007


hehe :P






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