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Hi all, I want to make a movie or screenshot-movie from a recent grasshopper project. Any hints/ideas about the best way to manage this? Just camtasia and moving the sliders doesn´t work, as my pc is way too slow. Is there any script outthere which automates screenshots and sliders?

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Have you tried the Slider Animation feature?
aha, didn´t know about this, I´m gonna have a look at it now! Thanks
Can you also export/bake the animation so you can use the animation in other software?
If you have Quicktime you can open the image series ( File/open as image sequence) and a movie is created, which you then can save. It works for me.
Otherwise you could look for other software which transforms a list of pictures into a movie. There are a few open source programs available to my knowledge, but Quicktime works faster and with no hassles.
Ok, but with animation i meant tha actual animation of objects, like a keyframe animation.
hey bram,

if the geometry is not too complex, a possible workaround could be to bake your geometry once every frame and use this to name it appropriately:

in your other software (i'm guessing 3ds Max :) ) it should not be to hard script an animation
That's a very nice grasshopper-tools site. I'll try the workaround and let you know if it worked.
Where can the Slider Animation feature be found? Is it a component in GH?
If you right click on the slider you will find animation in the menu.

1. right click on Slider
2. coose Animate

Thank a lot!


Thank you






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