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Grasshopper intermediate release available for download

Dear All,

as lots of you have experienced there is a loading issue with the current release, probably to do with Recent Files on network drives.

If you have been afflicted by this problem, please try this intermediate version.

It has several unfinished features and some known problems, so it may not be a good release for production work, but I'm hoping we can at least test to see if the loading issue has been fixed.

The same issue probably also causes severe delays in the [Read File] and [Bitmap Sampler] components when they are dealing with network files. These issues have not yet been addressed, only the GH/GHX files visible on the Canvas Tiles are now loaded differently.

This release is called 0.9.0059, but will never be official. The version history for this intermediate release is:

  • Added Move To Plane component for putting objects onto a plane (Transform.Euclidean dropdown).
  • Added Box Mapping component for moving geometry from one box to another (Transform.Affine dropdown).
  • Added Rectangle Mapping component for moving geometry from one rectangle to another (Transform.Affine dropdown).
  • Added (unfinished) Box Slits component for cutting sliding gaps into intersecting boxes (Intersect.Shape dropdown).
  • Import Coordinates did not work, this is fixed.
  • Synchronize option on File Path parameter had the wrong icon, this is fixed.
  • Dash Curve would sometimes fail on valid inputs, this is fixed.
  • Autoconversion from surfaces, breps, boxes and meshes to numbers was incorrect, this is fixed.
  • Jump objects always belonged to the same jump group, this is fixed.
  • File data retrieval for MRU GH/GHX files could take a long time over a network, this is fixed.
  • Writing large collections of persistent data to a GH/GHX file would take a long time, this is fixed.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

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I waiting this for a long time.

So it's fixed now?


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

I enabled the recent files feature and Grasshopper seems to be loading without any trouble (so far).

EDIT: I re-installed 0.9....56 again and Grasshopper loaded without any problem, so we probably cannot rule out anything yet. Sorry!

Follow-up: I worked with xxx56 for a couple of days till it started to hang again while loading. Then switched to xxx59 again, and it loaded fine. Repeated this a few times and it does seem like the loading problem has been solved in xxx59. Or I was really lucky every single time).

Thanks Sridevi,

I'll go ahead and get an official release out asap.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

Nice, I have a slight suggestion / wish. I think a shift branch component could be useful. This is one current way to do so but it might be a useful addition. maybe also some more branch manipulation components similar to list components. we have tree branch already, maybe we could use a cull branch, cull branch pattern ect. Unless this exists already under a different name?


Are you guys talking about the "Recovery file" issue in this discussion: 

"Closing a file turns it into an autosave/recovery file"  . . .?

The recent files feature now works fine for me. Grasshopper loads normally.

Thanks David


When do you expect the "read file" etc to be fixed? When is the next release scheduled?



I just installed 9.0059 & got this error message:

"Archive file written with older version: 0.9.0056

Component Python Script {410755b1-224a-4cle-a407-bf45ea7e} failed to desearilaize itself:Method not found:'System.collections.Generic.List'1GH_IO.Serialization.GH_IChunk.get_Chunks()'."

Something with the Python script component.

However, it seems (after only two files opened, saved, GH closed using the drop-down red X, then gh & rhino closed out completely, then opened the two files again & did NOT get the Open Recovery File message, so that seems to be working.

yes,same problem!

I changed that, I didn't realize anyone was using GH_IO to that depth. I can probably add some legacy code that will make it work again.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria






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