algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Minor updates and bug fixes to 0.8.0002 available for download.

  ● Added proper tooltip formatting for Expression Variants.
  ● Added more icon feedback to preview modes.
  ○ Fixed flat Box to Brep conversions.
  ○ Fixed Nurbs Curve to GH_Curve conversions.
  ○ Fixed a bug with lingering previews on disabled objects.
  ○ Fixed yet another bug with Curve offsetting.
  ○ Layers in the undo stack would still show up in the Bake Dialog. This is now fixed.
  ○ Fixed a bug in Sweep2.

David Rutten
Seattle, WA

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thanks david
Thank you David.

I tried my old definition with this latest release but the Sweep2 component still does not work. Can you please look at the attached files-

Thanks again.
So since you're in the US you're going to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Thanks! I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving by sleeping in 4 days in a row. I'll just be working from the McNeel condo (got something pretty exciting lined up).

David Rutten
Seattle, WA
nice! thank you David!

Are any of the two "relative tree" components that you added able to help this scenario that we discussed earlier?

Curious if you think a third "relative tree" component that matches a parent's data structure to it's child's data structure would be useful? It would eliminate the use of about 3-15 components, depending on how many levels deep your child is from the parent.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Could well be. I forgot the ins and outs of that particular problem. I had the idea for Relative Tree Items due to a recent question here about connecting offsetted lines in a rectangular grid.

I've been thinking about your problem as well in the meantime, but haven't come to any solid conclusions yet.

David Rutten
Seattle, WA
Thanks David!
Thanks david!!
Thanks David!!!

The new tangent Arcs icon is helpful. Tried to make an arc tangent to three circles, the problem known as Circles of Apollonius, but finally couldn’t manage to do it with this component. This GHX component last entry is a radius (a circle entry would be need), in rhino the command is Curve arc, tangent to curves. Any idea how to achieve it?
In resume, how to draw an arc (circle) tangent to 3 circles in GHX?





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