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Grasshopper 0.8.0062 is now available for download from the usual location.

Changes and fixes since 0.8.0061:

● Added Content Filter section to the Preferences (Interface section).
● All users will be asked to specify the level of content filtering in the Grasshopper GUI.
● Added Geometry Pipeline object for live object updates (Params.Geometry panel).
● Added Circle Tan Tan component (Curve.Primitive dropdown).
● Added Circle Tan Tan Tan component (Curve.Primitive dropdown).
● Components which have been superceded by newer versions are now marked "Old".
● Added "Show Full Name" item to View menu.
● Coordinate Masks now support all possible permutations of x, y & z.
● Coordinate masks can now be created from text.
● The Stream Filter component now shows which index is streaming.
● Decompose Point component now has a Plane input.
● Point XYZ component now has a Plane input.
● Message Balloons are now drawn in screen space.
● Added an "Upgrade Legacy Components" item to the Solution menu.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to VB component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to C# component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Sort component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Clean Tree component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Simplify Tree component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Flatten Tree component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Explode Tree component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Weave component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Null Item component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Curve Closed component.
● Added auto-upgrade behaviour to Polygon Center component.
● Isocurve component now limits isocurves to the trimmed region.
○ Internalise wouldn't work on Point parameters, this is fixed.
○ Large strings in tooltips would not display in a useful fashion, this is fixed.
○ The Canvas Radial menu would pop up if space was pressed while inside a nested textbox, this is fixed.
○ Internalise data would fail to disassociate references in certain cases, this is fixed.

The Circle Tangency components won't work in Rhino5 until the next beta goes out.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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"Show Full Name"


- when selected : make components with full parameter names


- when deselected : make components with abbreviations


I think it might be a toggle for view option like "show seperators", "draw fancy icons"....



It behaves somewhat different though. Those toggles affect the display of all items, the Full Name thing is permanent. Components added while the option is checked will always be shown.

Since this mode disrupts the size and layout of components, it would not be wise to switch between them freely.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


Plane Input for Pt components is really good..




The Geometry Pipeline is great Thanks!!!




Yes.. Awesome..


and the reference order.. the later made geometry, the lower index.. I guess..

Yes, the order of objects in the Rhino file is maintained. Whenever an object is changed it gets put at the top of the stack.

I'm not really sure I could supply a different meaningful order.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

First of all...thanks for the new release!  I seem to be having some trouble with the geometry pipeline.  I get the attached error message when I drag it onto the canvas...then it partially works, as it reads curves, points and meshes from a specified layer, but it doesn't reference Breps.  Also...if it's supposed to refresh with each newly created object in Rhino, it isn't for me...I have to recompute (which really isn't a problem)

This is probably a Rhino5 SDK mismatch. Once the next Rhino5 beta goes out it should start working.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

What is the Content Filter for exactly?  What stuff gets filtered out when you use the "Queen Victoria" setting?

I've never seen anything that could be remotely viewed as obscene, is that what it's for?

Your so shady David, with you LOL catz and your smash icon.


thanks for the update!


Dunno, I've always found the "naked edges" display pretty sexy...  :-)


hmm, I'm failing to it?







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