algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Who knows the solution?

What analogues exist?

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Here are some explanations.

First thing, analyse the drawings of "pavillon les boulingrins" in Monaco

you will see that 3 holes have panels that are going thinner, this is because there is a sort of singularity, a quad with 2 coincident points (a triangle). So in order to replicate that I used 22 control points, that are used to generate 18 quads (3 degenerate quad => triangles).

I used Catmull & Clark subdivision from Weavebird to smooth the thing.

Diagonalize from Kangaroo

I sorted tri and quad in order to modify quad only

A scale in order to have gaps between panels

And at the end I transformed the quad in 2 triangles with the separation on the longest diagonal.

 Et voilà !! 


C 'est Magnifique

Thanks for your kind word in French.

Благодаря Laurent, хорошая работа и интересный подход

Just in case, to change the shape you have to move the point in rhino document.
Yuri I still don't read Russian !! Google does it but it is not the best way.

Thanks of Laurent, a good job and an interesting approach, I am sorry for the Russian is a browser error

found a similar question and the problem of Sebastian, I hope it is the prospect of the development of themes and instruments






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