algorithmic modeling for Rhino

How would you cull/remove the delaunay edges that are outside of the geometry? Just trying to keep the inside of the geometry triangulated.

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I have what you want but it's carried over via code. If I have time maybe (not a promise, mind) I'll convert that into native components.

In the mean time Load R file first and see what happens.


This is rather faster, has a 3rd mode option and provides an ability for post-processing by further eliminating faces by edge ratio or by min edges angle (degrees).

Options are:

mode 1: inclusion of a mesh face center in the BrepFace.

mode 2: as 1 plus intersections between any Brep Loops.

mode 3: Intersections between any Brep Loops.

Using the same R file for the demo Breps.

NOTE: If you don't want to work with a mesh with specific N of vertices try Mesh Machine as well


It isn't that nobody else knows how to do this...  But without your code/data, it's just too much effort.

I usually will explode the mesh, get the center points of the resulting meshes, (each face becomes a mesh), check if they are contained in the boundary curve, then cull the exploded mesh list.  Something like this. (uses uto mesh edit tools).


For more precise edge control, attached is an example using Pop Geo's pre-existing population option.


This is cool.  Not sure why but I couldn't see the lines until I added 'Face Boundaries (FaceB)':

Ctrl+m ---> Enable "Preview Mesh Edges" would help?






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