algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Is it somehow possible to give an object tooooo many colours over time? ...

like ... braun green bam bam red blue bam kaboom and so on? ... Is there any colour component, that makes something like this or am I dreaming here?

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Let me put this way:

What colors do Grasshopper know?

If I write them all in a panel and feed them into a custom preview component with a split list component, that gives one colour every slider step, then I'm done ...

I need a list of the colors, that grasshopper knows about. Where to get something like that from?

Gradient tool, swatch tool.

Gradient tool looks nice, if I know how to use it^^

Use the search bar. There are plenty of examples.

Attached is a definition that will generate all 16,777,216 colors, one at a time.  You'll have to spin the wheel quite a bit to get towards the upper end (unfortunately sliders are limited at +/- 1 million).  Have fun...  :)



unfortunately hehe :) ... thank you!

Attached are a couple more defs that are actually more useful than the first one I posted.  Beware, I would not be cranking the sliders to max on the first two defs unless I had a computer with a LOT of memory and some patience - generating a list of 16 million items takes time and memory...  :-)  And of course, that's only the list, once you actually connect it to something...

However, in lower ranges, some of it might be useful for someone.



there is also the colour wheel which gives a palette of colours for the output that are coordinated in some way

colour wheel ... tasty^^





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