algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello Everyone,

I'm really new in grashopper, actually is first attempt.

I need to copy an object (polysurface), manytimes in a curve.

for now I divide the curve and use the Brep to store my polysurface. Now I need to copy the object int the curve.

any clue or help will be appreciated

thanks in advance

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If you need to move (or copy) things from one point to another, use the Vec2Pt component, with one point being point you are moving from, and second point being point you are moving to. See image.

thanks a lot Chris


I get the same problem, what you show worked perfectly but 

the problem to me I keep the object perpendicular to the curve?

I'll need always how can I change the direction?


Hi Aldo is this what you mean?

The Divide Curve component also output the tangent Vectors at the division points. You can use those to reorient your Objects (Judging by your image they are horizontal) by using perp frames along the curve at your division points.




Dear Arie-Willem de Jongh,

I was on the forum and found out that I never reply to this post. 

My apologizes and thanks for the help.



Hi everyone, 

This is my first post here, and I've only been using GH for a couple of days, so please be patient :)

Regarding the script Chris Wilkins just gave, it works just fine here, but I have a little question concerning the ORIGIN point of a brep : How do you set it ? It seems brep defines an origin point in the middle of the component, but I would like to set it manually.

Basically, using your exemple, I'd like the curve to be placed on one edge of the cylinder, rather than in the middle.

Is that possible ?

Hope I made myself clear folks, thank you very much !







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