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Controlling surface openings using an attractor point

Hey there!

I have (with help) been developing a script of which I can apply openings to a surface... I am now trying to change these openings according to a specific point/ attractor point (I will eventually try to make the openings responsive to solar gain).

The openings are points evaluated on a line, currently controlled by a slider.. but I cannot figure out how I would then link this to a attractor point.


Any help big or small would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey thanks,

So I have written the extra script but cant seem to plug it in to the right place for it to function.

I know in the end it needs to replace the function of the slider..

Thank you


You need to install Uto plug-in to make solar-gain or sunpath vector attractor. I've been made some modification with your definition, maybe can help you little bit to understand it.


Wonderful thanks for you help!

your welcome :D






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