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i will like to ask if it is possible to make a gradient panelling with grasshopper. Until now, i only see component being populated over a surface in grasshopper. But is it possible to make a variation in terms of degrees of opening in this population?

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I think it is very possible. Imagine a series of simple boxes on a surface. Then you add a rotation axis to each box and with a function you declare the different opening angles (for example dependent on the distance from a certain referenced point). This is just a very simple example, you could also create a special geometry that opens and closes a certain way and then feed it with a percentage of opening ( again from a function, which calculates a different value for each panelled geometry. I hope I understood what you wanted correctly. If not I´m sorry, I´m quite new to grasshopper.

Good luck!
Here's a screen of the setup that determines panelling distribution and aperture - same thing could be applied to degree of opening. I've also added a tower rotate example that uses the graph mapper which will give you some idea of how to apply variation.

Dirk, pls could you send me the grasshopper file for the population? i tired making the grasshopper file but then my VB command does only have x and y as input parameters? moreover, i dont have the vbs script.

here's another approach.
I've tested your definition and quite like it. My question is: for responsive component population does it make sense to investigate into the bbox-surfbox-logic? I heard that it should be possible to dispatch in order to a pt-dist and choose between possibly maximum two components (true/false). So in that case this logic is really limited.

In a way I guess one have to "construct" the component in order to keep it parametrically controlled?

THX a-ngine
Sure, you can use the MorphBox + SurfBox to populate components to a surface. You will need to use a mesh though if you don't want to distort the component surface.

Dirk, pls could you help out? i tired making the grasshopper file but then my VB command does only have x and y as input parameters? moreover,do i need to input a vbs script. I have attached an image of my progress so far - the component and the grasshopper image

ok, I'll help out if you can define the rules of what(?) is driven by what(?). I can see an effect to which you are trying to achieve but not sure whether you are offsetting curves, scaling curves, rotating planes, etc. You need to be clear of your system as there are many ways to deliver in a parametric framework.

Drik, thanks a lot, i have gotten assistance from marco and will post my result when i finish it. cheers
He Dirk

maybe you can give me a general answer to my question above? Cheers
Hi Dirk.
I still wonder how to make VB script above that image.
so please send me the definition file.

I don't want to give you the exact definition file as I'm still working on the project but here's a similar definition that uses graphmapper information to populate a boolean list that may help. This will give you some idea of how to work with the Graph Mapper as an soft component to feed data to VB.







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