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I'm using a circle packing vb script, but i need it to do a few more things. Right now it populates a box with circles starting from the largest moving outward.  This is good, however I would like to be able to setup a min and max size of the circles. The only other thing I want to do is set the start point so I could move a point such as an attractor around to get multiple variation using the same size and number. The script is included in the grasshopper file below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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There seems to be an error. Nothing opens in the canvas.

Was this updated on the grasshopper for Rhino 5?

Ohhhh..yes... but this is strange. Just in case I am uploading a rhino4 version. let me know how this works out for you.


Thank you for the reply but still the same happens. :/ weird...

I'm running the latest grasshopper for rhino 4 sr9. It should work.

you say you getting an empty canvas? right? or you just getting error when opening cause I have internalised some points in the def..If that's the reason, just open it normally and replace the the interpolated curve with one of your convenience..


I get a "Grasshopper IO message, "object reference not set to an instance of an object", and then the canvas stays empty.

ok, one last try..

what about this?


Still not working hahaha. Dont worry, I'll try to figure it out. Thank you so much.

I just mailed the file to a friend and it seems to be working for him, rhino4 sr9 gh 0.9.0014!! So you probably should check your system!

Hey Marios,

I'm experimenting with bubbles at the moment. From the literature it seems that a hexagonal mesh is the optimal layout for tightest circle packing in a plane. I thought this script packed circles in the tightest way, but it only packs a bit more than half that which a hexagonal arrangement does.

Is this some kind of error, or is this script not meant to pack circles in the tightest way? If so, what is the logic of this script for packing circles?

In the left is an arrangement with a hexagonal layout, in the right that of the script. 


this is more of a brute-force implementation of circle packing (trial and error). To achieve  hexagonal packing which is indeed the tightest, you will have to make a more dynamic algorithm or use kangaroo for a force based packing.



Hi! thanks for your work and sorry for my ignorance but, in that definition you uploaded in Nov2012, how do you set the attractor points? im looking for something like this.. many thanks in advance!

Hello Juan,

Actually I haven't. This script is not using any locally defined points of attraction.

I am certain though that if you browse through this forum you will find smething that achieves this effect. Possibly using Kangaroo as I mention in the comment above.








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